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Day 55

Wernigerode to Dresden

overcast 18 °C

We woke this morning to another cloudy and cool morning.

We traveled from Wernigerode to Dessau and then set out to find "The Garden Kingdom of Dessau-Worlitz". After being led to roads that cars were not allowed on for about 1/2 hour we gave up.

We then started out to find Wittenburg to visit the town where Martin Luther lived and preached and on October 31, 1517, he nailed his 95 Theses to the door of the Castle Church. The Protestant Reformation had begun. Our buddy the GPS led us down three different roads that had barriers on them stopping traffic because of construction. By this time we needed to get on to Dresden so we could check in to our hotel so we gave up and drove to Dresden. Along the way to Dresden we saw highway signs that would have led us to Wittenburg but by then it was too late to detour.

We arrived in Dresden. On our way through the city we spotted this imp on the roof of the "Museum fur Sachsische Volkskunst" which translates into museum for folk art. We also saw many historic buildings and river cruise boats along the shore line of the River Elbe.

Character on Museum Fur Sachsische Volkskunst - folk Art

Character on Museum Fur Sachsische Volkskunst - folk Art

Dresden by the Elbe

Dresden by the Elbe

We found our hotel and got checked in. We loaded up our laundry and found a wonderful laundromat that was clean and the machines were efficient. After folding laundry we found a grocery store and bought supplies for supper/dinner. We returned to our hotel and made supper/dinner and have good internet so we can post this blog.

We had a cloudy day but the high for the day was 18 C or 64 F which is much warmer than we have had for a while and we had no rain so, all in all, it was a good day.

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Day 54

Dusseldorf to Wernigerode

overcast 11 °C

We woke to another cool and cloudy day. We hustled out of our apartment so we would not have to pay any more parking charges. We had no internet at our Dusseldorf apartment so we sent our message for yesterday, today.

We drove through fog for most of the morning. We traveled past a wind farm and could only see the blades on the wind mills at the bottom of their cycle, sometimes not even then. Eventually, it started to rain and rained most of the way to Wernigerode.

We are spending the night at a "Sport Hotel" which seems to specialize in tennis. At this point we are the only guests. We need to access internet in the restaurant so are sending a short message. We are in the former East Germany.

Sorry, no photos today.

Hope tomorrow is a better day.

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Day 53

Miserable day

rain 10 °C

We left our comfortable apartment in Huizen and traveled all day in pouring rain.

On our way out of Huizen we spotted one of the many parking garages for bicycles so Art took a photo.

Bicycle parking garage

Bicycle parking garage

We drove on to Dusseldorf and the rain never stopped.

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Day 52

Tour of Amsterdam

overcast 16 °C

We discussed what we would do in Amsterdam and decided on doing the Hop On/Hop Off bus to get an overview.

We went past the last windmill left in Amsterdam, the "De Gooyer". At one time there were many windmills in The Netherlands but today it is estimated that only 1000 are left. There is a brewery next to the mill called Brouwerj't IJ.

Only windmill left in Amsterdam

Only windmill left in Amsterdam

We also saw the Rijksmuseum which is the National Art Museum.
Rijksmuseum - National Art Museum

Rijksmuseum - National Art Museum

The spire (Westertoren) of the Westerkerk is very colourful. This church was the first church built in Amsterdam which was purpose-built for a Protestant group. Interesting though that the crown on the top of the spire is the Imperial Crown of Austria of Maxmiliian I.
Spire of Westerkerk

Spire of Westerkerk

We went past many canals. Some of these have a special significance, but this one is just one Reta got a photo of.
Amsterdam canal

Amsterdam canal

We returned to our hotel and took a nature walk along the shoreline.


We watched a sailboat return to its harbour in the Huizen Marina.

Marina at Huizen - sailboat returning home

Marina at Huizen - sailboat returning home

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windmill video

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